With respect to individual’s circumstances, there are different pathways to migrate to Australia. So, if you’re contemplating to move “Down Under”, as Australia is commonly referred to,you need to know first what options are available for you.

1. Student Visa Path

Life is a full time learning they say. It’s a no brainer then that many people regard formal education as key. If education is a commodity, then it’s Australia third biggest export after mining and agriculture, generating no less than $13.7 Billions in revenue in 2016. More than 320,000 students from 130 countries are studying in Australia’s universities to date according to News.com.au.

2.Skilled Migration Visa

If you have special skill, and that skill happens to be included in ANZSCO’s skilled migration occupation list, then it’s likely that you are eligible to migrate to Australia.

3. Partner/Family Visa

To be eligible for this path you need to either 1) have an Australian partner (spouse or in relationship) or 2) have a family member who would be more than happy to sponsor you.

Of course, by partner we mean a real one. Not a scam. Marriage fraud is a serious offense with severe penalties. The authorities tend to sniff it out, anyway. So, it’s a losing game any way you look at it. Meanwhile, if you’re single and available, don’t be sad. You can still apply for the working holiday visa (read below) and keep your dating apps updated.

4. Working Holiday Visa

If number 5 and 6 are reserved for the rich, the working holiday visa opens to teens to young adults (aged 18-30 years young) who want to spend up to 12 months of their lives living in Australia, during which they can travel, work or doing both.

5. Business Visa 

As the name suggests, this visa option, and its subsequent visa sub-classes, seems to only apply for those rolling in money. Australia is laden with business opportunities. So, if you’re a businessman with a capital north of AUD 1 Million to spare and eager to start a business or join an existing ones, Australia is the place for you.

6. Retirement Visa

Thinking of retiring in Australia? Why not? The beautiful beaches alone are good enough reason. Australia welcomes those who want to spend their retirement in Australia by accommodating the demand into two streams of visas. See the details here.

Good luck!